Our Core Values

  • Bridging different sectors of the community
  • Unifying community through the arts
  • Advocating creativity, generosity, collaboration
  • Supporting green practices by integrating sustainable creation in the art process
  • Empowering marginalized groups through the arts

Our Board of Directors

Our Leadership team

Our Sponsors and partners


About Us

Creative Catalyzers is a non-profit cultural leadership organization based in Boulder County. We are a group of leaders from four different sectors of society: the tech industry, the arts, sustainable businesses, and organizations who serve marginalized populations. Our leaders brainstorm, plan and merge resources to produce cultural activities. They nominate lead artists to work with local human service organizations that support marginalized populations. We also collaborate with local thrift stores, recycling and ecological companies. These companies donate second-hand materials to be used to create visual art, costumes and theatre props. Our events include art exhibitions, concerts, installations, dance and theatre that are in art spaces and non-conventional art venues, such as lobbies, parks, malls and in the streets of Boulder County.

Our Mission Statement