Our partners are critical to our mission. Through partnerships, sponsors, funders, donors, co-producers, and volunteers, we are able to expand our network to foster a unified and creative community. From artist materials, transportation, space, food and libations, we welcome the generosity of individuals and businesses to take a stand and reach out beyond their own professional and personal circle. Please join us and be a part of this important endeavor to support unification and creativity in Boulder County.


We love our sponsors and partners because through our exchange we know we are bridging community more and more in striving for similar goals. Many of our sponsors donate recycled and second hand materials for art-making. These creations lead to art exhibitions, public art sculptures, costumes and props for performances. We focus on upcycling as part of the art process by using recycled materials as well as second hand items. Thank you to all the Boulder County companies for your generous support!