Boulder Bunny Rabbit Challenge

For Earth Day we are pleased to announce ‘The Boulder Bunny Rabbit Art Challenge’ as the debut exhibit of Boulder’s open air gallery. 12″ x 12″ art plaques on the exterior side and back walls of buildings and storefronts near downtown Pearl Street.

The ‘Bunny Rabbit Art Challenge’ is a special community art gesture to spark some positivity and creativity in this difficult COVID period. Both real bunny rabbits and their representations will soon be popping up all over Boulder starting on Earth Day April 22, 2020. To elicit smiles from locals on their fresh air walks, twenty-four local artists  from the age of 3 to 70’s have offered their creativity and positivity on 12” x 12” plaques installed on the exterior walls of central Boulder and peeking out of store fronts.The works range from paintings, mosaics, found object, recycled materials and e-waste.

Pete Pascente’s rabbit made of recycled plastics of 3D mask printing

View the artworks on-line


Charles Akula, Deborah Conely, Nikita Coulombe, Lelia Davis, Angie Eng, Karmen Franklin, Jane Glotzer, Amelia Harriman, Penelope Harriman, Android Jones, Patricia Kelly, Renate Mairie, Jeannie Kipke, Minso Kim,  Palacios Luna, Eileen Malloy, Mary Mueh, Adriana Paola, Pete Pascente, Joy Redstone, Valdon Ross, Mary Sadler, Belgin Yucelen

Location of Artworks as of 8.21.2020-9.30.2020

  • Pearl Street store fronts (between 9th-18th) See store logos below

Project Team

This project has been co-organized by Creative Catalyzers director, Angie Eng and business real estate developer and Creative Catalyzer leader, Peter Vitale. Thanks to the assistance and volunteer work of Noah Anast, Eileen Malloy, Gigi Douglas, Victor Rivera, and Jamie Winkler

Special Thanks

As part of this cultural action, business owners and building owners have graciously led the way to foster creative community. We thank these community leaders for collaborating with us in this impromptu endeavor as a service to our neighbors, friends, and family during this difficult period.

Local business and organization partnerships