Nature reminds us that existence isn’t linear, but cyclical. Here in Boulder we are fortunate to be immersed in it. Even during this difficult period the animals and plants around us continue to regenerate and replicate. In Boulder the bunnies start appearing in April and May. Sprinkling this spring symbol around downtown is a creative gesture to bring the community together and generate a smile during this challenging period. Any local is welcome to participate in creating one of these rabbit art works.

30 rabbit art works will be installed on the outside walls of downtown Boulder near Pearl street for these Spring early summer months. These works can be of any material (that withstands the weather) rocks, sticks, beans, paint, ceramic, found object, recycled materials, etc mounted on a 12″ x 12″ board. (please not smaller nor bigger). If you are interested in participating please see the instructions below.


Theme: Rabbit
Size: Must be 12″ x 12″
Deadline/Drop off dates: Between April 8th-30th (email below for drop off directions)
Viewing: April 12th- summer
Pick up: TBA

Hanging Preparation: Mount on wood or some hard surface that can be attached by screw/nails onto exterior wall. Drill 2-4 holes at top/bottom or corners for screwing into wall. They can not be attached with wire nor adhesive from the backside. Otherwise the wind would just blow your art work off the wall if it hangs from a wire.
You can also tack wire loops on each corner so that we can attach it to the building through the loops.
Waterproof: Please no watercolors or drawings
Works may get damaged or lost due to it being displayed outside (artists are responsible and acknowledge these risks)
Label: last name on back side with paint or anything waterproof

Works not recuperated will be donated to a non-profit

For participation and drop off please email us at creativecatalyzers(at)