Help feed our Boulder County kids

We are pleased to announce the Creative Catalyzers Dare to Care food drive for the holiday season. With public school closures due to Covid-19, there are over 10,000 kids here in Boulder County that are missing their school lunches. In response, we crafted a creative food drive project, ‘Dare to Care’. This community project has rallied fifteen local artists as well as Naropa artists from the NCAS(Naropa Community Art Studio) to decorate and transform collection crates into sculptural attractions that are placed in businesses around Boulder County.

From Van Gogh, Martin Luther King, Bootsy Collins, Medicine Crow to my favorite animal, local creatives have chosen a character while some artists have added their own unique artistic touch to the apple crates. Some are decorated with remnant paint donated from RYM Recycling and Hazardous Waste, City of Boulder, others artists have use found object, textiles, shells, or supplies from their studio and Art Parts Creative Reuse Center.

Artists included: Deborah Conley, Tricia Vitrano, Angie Eng, Demry Frankenheimer, Karmen Franklin, Jane Glotzer, Kathy Hunter, Andrea Kolaczkowski, Renate Mairie, Eva Maier, Michael Putzel, Joy Redstone, Mary Sadler, Joshua Stevens, Janine Zumerchik

Thanks to the local artists and businesses for their generosity and collaboration!

Thank you sponsors, partners, and volunteers!

Special thanks to our Dare to Care team (Lola Bazile, Nick Beni, Hunter Brown, Kevin Emory, Angie Eng, Andrew Getman, Azia Abrahan-May, Eileen Malloy, Don Murray, Joy Redstone , Gabriel Santiago, and Bettina Wiesenthal) Thank you to the individuals who made this project possible: Shelly Fuller, Michael Franklin, MIke Putzel, NCAS (Naropa Community Art Studio), The BLDG 61 team ( Emily Platzner, Adam Watts, Zach Jacobson Weaver), the hosting businesses, the artists who gave their creative energy, as well as all the people who gave individual donations toward this project!