Due to the current crisis, the pilot project, Earth Wear is being delayed. Spearheaded by director, Angie Eng with the assistance of local volunteer art instructor, Susan Stephens and a group of people living in shelters, the project has been adapted due to the quarantine. Parkside HOA neighbors will be helping prepare tree wraps made from recycled materials and e-waste. These ‘tree scarves’ will be fastened to tree trunks along 26th Street and Iris in the summer. Inspired from ‘yarn bombing’ this project is to unite the neighbors in a public art project to raise awareness of our over-consumption and waste.

Since many of the recycling centers and thrift stores are closed due to the quarantine, we are collecting donations from locals and neighbors. Items we need for this project include:

  • plastic colored caps
  • small 50ml bottles
  • small toys (less than 3″)
  • small stuffed animals (less than 3″)
  • knit mittens/gloves
  • CDs
  • cassettes
  • small colored plastic containers (yogurt/fruit cup)