Community public art installation

Phase I: August 9th-30th,2020
Phase II: August 7th 2021
Boulder Central Park

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the community public art installation, ‘Earth Wear’ by Creative Catalyzer director, Angie Eng. With a Boulder Arts Commission community arts grant, Eng initiated this collaborative project to raise awareness of our over-consumption and the waste we generate.  Inspired by the urban street art of ‘yarn bombing’ where people crochet colorful yarn around tree trunks, Eng conceived of replicating that decorative action, into a socio-ecological one. She highlights the amount of plastics and electronics one household generates by transforming our garbage into art. In conjunction with this global crisis of plastic and electronic waste, we witness more and more contemporary artists such as El Anatsui, Vik Muni, and Thomas Hirschhorn incorporating recycled materials into their work process.

When the critical period of COVID-19 struck her state, Colorado in March, Eng, like other artists and art educators around the world, assumed her project would be canceled; Her original proposal involved working with an art instructor in her 70’s, a group of artists experiencing homelessness and volunteers from a  support group for recovering addicts. They were to convene weekly this past spring for 3-4 hour studio art period to make the tree wraps together at a meditation center.  But instead, she received news at the peak of the COVID crisis in mid-April that she received a grant to produce a project that in the end would clock in 400+ hours to accomplish. The goal of bridging communities and empowering marginalized populations through a group art project would have to be quickly adapted to the crisis. With the Shambhala meditation center closed, the homeless artists scattered and no shelter to work nor video conference tools, the volunteers under shelter in place, the senior art instructor at risk, the homeless shelters in crisis, the recycling centers closed, Eng felt like she would have to put out these fires in order to get to the river. These obstacles were familiar to anyone trying to continue life and work under COVID-19 shelter in place.

After a couple of months of settling into this new existence, the project gradually took shape. 10-minute video tutorials of how to make each aspect of the wraps were shot and edited together. Remote workshops were conducted in June/July with Creative Catalyzer family members. New possible collaborations were established with Mother House, a shelter for pregnant women, and Attention Homes a shelter for homeless teens.  With the temporary closure of restaurants, thrift stores, recycling depots (the sources to recuperate the art materials), she would mobilize local businesses and 100+ neighbors to collect their plastic tote bags, old electronics, plastic caps, and obsolete media (CDs, tape cassettes, floppy discs). Be sure to catch phase I as it will only be on view from August 9th-30th, 2020. Please fill in our survey so we can gauge were Boulderites stand in terms of supporting more public art and sustainable practices.

Phase I

Phase I of the project is August 9th-30th, 2020. An installation of tree wraps weaved of reusable plastic tote bags is on view on the northwest corner of Iris and 26th Street. Residents of Mother House and Creative Catalyzer families assisted in making the tree wraps for Phase I.

Phase II

Phase II will be in August 2021 in Boulder Central Park. 8 trees wraps will be made with recycled electronics, weaved tote bags, and plastic caps.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Special shout out to the individuals who donated financial support for Phase II.

Joyce Eng
Ellen Orleans
Lynn Husum

Janene Higgins
Pete Pascente

Robert Pauley
Ralph Kuzawa

Thank you to local individuals who participated in, supported, and/or collected and donated time and materials for the project!

Noah Anast
Suzie Anderson
Bruce Borowsky
Art Parts Creative
-Reuse Center

Chris Carruth
Lauren Click
Matt Chasansky
Bryan Costanza
Kathy Ashworth
Mary Baker
Tara Blackfeather
Carol Bogner 
Ashley Braxton
Mark Brouns
Stephanie Chasteen
Shanan Collins
Chris Dunn
Robin Eden
Alex Eng
Joyce Eng
Kevin Emory
Ricky Ewasko
Simi F.
Cheryl Frohlich

Andrew Getman
Amelia Harriman
Jiffer Harriman
Penelop Harriman
James Hrivnak
Josephine Kelly
Penelope Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Jeannie Kipke
Ralph Kuzawa
R. W. Jaynes, Jr
Bridget Johnson
Erica Joos
Karen Lovely
Eileen Malloy
Kekoa Martinez
Luka Martinez
Malia Martinez
Jessica Hernandez -Mendoza
Kellie Masterson
Travis May
Azia Abrahan May
Kathleen McCormick
Jane Murphy

Jill Paton
Denise Perreault
Heidi Pickerson
Ralph Pickerson
William Pickerson
Nicole Puma
Joy Redstone
Katharine Reece
Celia Seaton
Cynthia Sliker
Brook Smith
Tracy Suchoki
Jin Talcott
Marie Tekieli
Jeff Truesdell
Mark Villarreal
Mandy Vink
Vita Waters
Matt Wells
Bettina Wiesenthal
Mike Wird
Becky Wozny
Belgin Yucelen

Remote creative reuse workshops

Weave plastic tote bags

Etch botanical CD portraits

Plastic Cap emojis

When: TBA
Duration: 1 hours
Time: 1:30-3
Where: Zoom video conference
Cost: Free
Tutorial: video tutorial
Materials you’ll need:
-2 plastic reusable tote bags
(Arc Thrift Store sells 4 for $1)

When: TBA
Duration: 2 hours
Dates/time: 3-5pm
Where: Zoom video conference
Cost: Free
Tutorial: video tutorial
Materials you’ll need:
-black/white acrylic paint
-2 paint brushes (1/4″, 1/2″)
-2 CDs
-wax/parchment paper
-mechanical pencil or sharp point utensil for etching

When: TBA
Duration: 1 hour
Dates/time: 1:30-2:30
Where: Zoom video conference
Cost: Free
Tutorial: N/A
Materials you’ll need:
– 20 plastic caps/lids (no metal)
-glue sticks/glue gun or glue
-black sharpie
googly eyes ($3.99 on amazon)-red sharpie/paper clips(optional)