What is a Creative Catalyzer leader? This is not the same as our board nor staff. This is our network of 20 elected volunteer community leaders with a passion for one ore more of the four sectors of focus: the arts, tech industry, ecological companies, and human service organizations. They come together a few times per year to brainstorm amazing concepts and network their resources. They suggest a project, an artistic director or producer and share possibilities to foster more culture in Boulder county.

Kate Nicholson

A former civil rights lawyer for the Obama administration, Tilt West and East organizer for a critical dialogue on the arts, Harvard alumni, Kate is 100% for making this a more equal, just and creative world.

Bridget Johnson

Entrepreneur, ecologist, National Ski Patroller, sustainable practices leader, owner of Green Girl Recycling, Bridget has called Boulder her home for over 20 years boots-on-the ground fostering a safer, cleaner and friendlier world.

Christopher Carruth

Artist and educator with a Masters in Tech, Media and Society, Chris is a community organizer with his non-profit, VOX to promote digital literacy and empower marginalized communities.

Angie Eng

Artist and educator for marginalized populations, Angie is at the forefront of organizing culture and community arts. She established and directed a non profit organization for youth media in Paris and an AIDS education program through the arts in Ethiopia. She is the founder and director of Creative Catalyzers.

Michael Franklin

Chair of the graduate Transpersonal Art Therapy program and director of the Naropa Community Art Studio, clinician and artist, Michael is an international workshop leader, writer, and researcher integrating yoga philosophy and meditation with the visual arts. Michael advocates for the power of contemplative connections to the arts.

Nick Beni

Facilities manager for Sparkfun Electronics, ecologist and true lover of nature, Nick was the second SSI free diving instructor of Colorado and with a passion for sustainability he was awarded ‘recycler of the year’ by Colorado Association of Recycling in 2017, Nick is dedicated to making this a cleaner and beautiful world.







David Slayden

Advertising consultant for Microsoft, BMW, Omnicom, current director of CMCI Studio, Advertising, PR and Media Design, former professional cyclist, polyglot, ballet dancer, drummer, David’s repertoire of talents should not be underestimated. He has innovative visions for higher education by bridging it with culture, technology and business.

Malia Martinez

Contemporary artist and electronic musician, Malia is not only at the forefront of the hip and underground she is a big advocate for a more inclusive world whereby through new technology the hearing impaired can equally dance and listen to concerts. 

Peter Vitale

Lawyer, entrepreneur, real estate developer, impresario, Peter blends legal and business advisory services with an emphasis on environmentally and socially responsible business practices. He serves on the city’s Planning Board and organizing cultural extravaganzas with Kaleidoscope Collective.



Joy Redstone

Director of Naropa Community Counseling, adjunct faculty at Naropa University, licensed clinical social worker, writer, visual artist, former executive director of Bridge House, advocate for the homeless and board member of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, Joy is a natural Creative Catalyzer.



Jiffer Harriman

Engineer, musician, artist, musical instrument designer,  founder of Boulder Experiments in Art and Technolog, Atlas instructor at CU Boulder, Jiffer with a balanced left and right brain, has a BS electrical engineering from CU Boulder and an MA in Music, Science and Technology at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. 


Kevin Emory

Colorado native, Outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and entrepreneur, Kevin is the founder & director of RYM Recycling, a local zero waste non-profit dedicated to helping individuals reduce their consumer footprint.  He educates and empowers communities for the ultimate goal of waste reduction and environmental responsibility. 



Steven Frost

Professional artist, instructor in Media Studies CU boulder, host of the Colorado Sewing Rebellion at the Boulder Public Library, co-founder of the Experimental Weaving Residency and director of CMAP Black Box performance space, Steven may even be creating and organizing in his sleep to mobilize you to explore your inner artist and activist.



Rebecca DiDomenico 

Natural born cultural leader, multimedia artist, poet, owner and director of Swoon Art House residency program,  Rebecca is a powerful woman oozing with creative energy. She composes and builds nature-inspired mystical poetic environments. Her generosity and dedication to the arts is exactly what a community needs in order to thrive.









We have five more opening spots for our leadership team. We are focusing on leaders in the tech industry. If you or somebody you know is interested in fostering more culture in Boulder, please contact us and recommend yourself or somebody in your network who you can imagine being an awesome catalyst to accelerating the local arts scene.