Happening Now

Here is a list of Creative Catalyzer sponsored events happening on an on-going bases as well as partners and leadership activity with their organizations and businesses.

The Rabbit Art Challenge spearheaded by CC leaders Peter Vitale and Angie Eng

The CC open air gallery launched on Earth Day and will continue until September 1. Read about it in the Daily Camera. For more information go to the main open-air page.

B.E.A.T. (Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology) directed by CC leader, Jiffer Harriman

Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology aims to foster explorations at the intersection of the arts with technology and science. More information of their bi-weekly meetings BEAT meetup website


Tilt West founded by CC leader, Kate Nicholson launches Tilt West Journal: Art and Language

Creative Catalyzer Leader, Kate Nicholson spearheads the Tilt West Journal recently launched in March.
See the Tilt West website for details.

Partner, Junkyard Social Club launch on-line dance series

Coming Up

Despite the COVID-19 crisis programming continues. Given the volatile situation, please see websites for listed events for current and last minute updates.

Creative Reuse workshops led by CC Director, Angie Eng

Up-cycling CD botanical portrait arts held online in June, 2020. These will be displayed as part of her community arts project, ‘Earth Wear‘ sponsored by Boulder Arts Commission.

Respect You Mother Recycling Webinars with CC leader, KevinEmory

Creative Catalyzer Leader, Kevin Emory organizes a new webinar series to launch early May 2020.
See RYM website for details.

Just Missed

There are many events happening with our partners and leaders around the world. We like to mention their amazing activities regardless if they are now past.

CC Leader, Paul Miller participates in A Tribute to Earth Day

Creative Catalyzer leader, Paul Miller will be participating in the Explorer’s Club ‘Tribute to Earth Day’. 7:00 pm EDT April 20th. To view, simply visit our homepage at explorers.org,