Jeanne Kipke rabbit art on back of 1346 Pearl Street

Foster more positive community art in Boulder

Creative Catalyzer, a new non-profit cultural leadership organization based in Boulder, is collaborating with building owners and local businesses to bring positivity with an open-air gallery during this difficult period. We’ve asked 30 locals to create 12″ x 12″ rabbit artworks that we will install on the outside of buildings in downtown Boulder. Similar to real rabbits, they are not out in the open, but hidden around corners; All of them are strategically placed in inconspicuous spots, such as back alleys, the sides of buildings, or peaking out in store windows. These artworks will be on view from April 21 throughout summer so that people out for a walk can appreciate this creative community effort.

Read the article in the Daily Camera

and the Press Release

How you can sponsor an art work on your building

Size: 12″ x 12″ (yes 1 foot not 12 feet )
Location: Outside of your building, either in the back of the building on an outside wall or inside the building in one of the windows looking onto the street. (with approval of tenant by owner)
By When: rolling
Next Installation Date: September 2020
Installation Details: 2 tapcon screws (for brick/no anchors/ 1 3/4″) will go directly into masonry between brick. Either your facility person or Creative Catalyzer facility person will install. We can not give exact measurements of placement of the art work prior to installation, but we can give a general location on the building unless owner would like to designate exact location measurements.
Duration: 4-6 months
De-installation: art work and screws will be removed and brick masonry will be patched
Credit: Your company logo may be used with your permission as a sponsor of this project on the website, social media and any press
Disclaimer: At any time during the installation if there are complaints or for any reason the owner or artist no longer wants the art work on their building, it will be removed within 10 days.
Contact: Please contact us to confirm your sponsorship and to schedule a day we can install the art work!

Current building owners/ businesses sonsors:

  • WW Reynolds
  • Conscious Bay
  • Boulder Theatre
  • Boulder Shambhala Center
  • Trident Bookstore
  • Boulder Psychic Institute
  • Pedestrian Shops
  • R Gallery
  • Full Cycle
  • Pharmaca
  • Cured
  • Organic Sandwich Company
  • ArtMart Gifts
  • Ozo Cafe
  • Wonder Press cafe
  • Red Letter Books

Samples of already installed art works