Guidelines for Crate decorating

  • Themes: character/leader (MLK, Ruth Ginsberg, Prince, Statue of Liberty, my favorite pet, etc.) see below to make character cut out. ) OR customized to the type of business. (contact us to be paired) OR artist’s choice.
  • Deadline November 4 (for press) otherwise between Nov.7-20th
  • Size of crate: 12.5″ x 18″ x 11 1/2″ (we provide)
  • Material of crate: wood
  • Materials allowed: Think colorful, bright, cheerful, eye-catching, sculptural, unique. Materials such as paint, assemblage, glitter, fabric, collage, ceramic. No sharp objects or objects protruding more than 2″. Use sturdy glue so objects don’t fall off.
  • Signage: Paste (with wood glue) 4″ round wooden logo on crate. (contact us to pick up logo) Paint signage in bold letters large enough for people to read – Dare to Care,-Help feed our Boulder County Kids OR pick up stencil to spray paint signage on front or side(for smaller crates) of crate and/or on character wood cut out. You can also spray stencil on side of crate as well as front because we don’t know how the stores will place them.
  • Download QR code and print out, cut to size and paste/glue (DO NOT TAPE) under Dare to Care signage or on the side if there is no room.
  • Signage cut out/character cut out instructions: *If you select a character, prepare an Illustrator file (or app that you can use draw a .001 stroke outline and export as svg) for the laser printer and get it cut for free at the BLDG61 at the Boulder Public Library. Make an appt and follow directions. To learn how to prepare a file to be laser cut go here. Export as an ‘.svg’ file (BLDG61 only takes .svg) compress it into a zip file and upload it to the link they send you. Or you can cut your own silhouette with a jig saw. Size should be no larger than width of the crate ~ 12.5″(15″ on apple crate size) and height no taller than 20″ from top of crate. Make at least a 3″ bottom margin to nail/screw cut out on backside of crate. See image below
  • Contact us for address to drop off finished crate. Make sure signage is on crate or we can’t accept it. (please put your name on bottom)
  • Documentation: Take a high resolution picture of your crate against simple background (with canned food /pasta /rice in crate if possible) and another one with you the artist and the crate. Please name file your full name and title if there is one. Please Email us the photos once you are finished.


Wood cut out examples below. Outlines can be for guidelines when you paint your character. Notice bottom margin for attaching to create. You can also make a text box for sign like the example on right to put the signage ‘Dare to Care-Help feed our Boulder County kids!

How to spray paint your stencil onto your crate

Spray painting is tricky and thanks to video tutorials, there are tips to keeping the stencil flat on your crate. Tape newspaper, cardboard all around your stencil. Make sure there are no gaps since spray paint is dust and will get through cracks. Using skewers, place them strategically along the stencil to hold stencil flat. Spray 12″ away in strokes and allow 2 minutes before putting on a second coat. If you have a friend to help you hold the skewers it can make it easier. Wait until the paint is completely dry, ~ 1 hour before taking stencil off. Et voilĂ